This Halloween, remember to keep an open mind! It’s not just a holiday filled with candy and fun; it’s a chance to make a wish.

Beware of the darkness, though. The witch on her broom may lurk outside, but don’t let her get in! Be cautious when you close your eyes, too. You might also encounter a creepy little girl in white crawling under your bed. And don’t listen to that little voice whispering in your ear.

You have been granted one wish this Hallows Eve!

One of the more famous stories about Halloween – and one that’s fun for kids and adults alike – is about the genie who gives everyone one wish. The idea of a genie for every person on Earth isn’t new, but it isn’t all that original.

One of the most incredible things about a genie is its ability to grant wishes, and this one isn’t just any ordinary wish. It’s one that brings about the most amazing stories!

Your wish will be no secret. It will be part of the Livestream.

You have paid the donation toll of $6.66.

***Now, I would like you to come back to the Livestream. If you have not already, SUBSCRIBE to the Mysterious Scary YouTube channel so you can use the Live Chat features. 

Once subscribed, type or paste your wish into the YouTube Live chat so everyone can see.

You will then follow my direction as we harness the power of the Halloween Spirits together.

  • You want your wish to be precise and be sure it is what you want.
  • Once you ask, let it go.
  • Be patient. Miracles happen immediately, not wishes.
  • Watch for signs and act upon them.
  • Trust that the Halloween Spirits aren’t always bad.
  • Send reminders about your wish every so often.
  • Be thankful for what happens and what doesn’t.


Halloween is a great time to connect with friends and family. You can send Halloween messages on cards, text messages, or Facebook status updates. Messages that are funny, sweet, or eerie are great for this festive holiday. You can even send them as greeting cards! The possibilities are endless!

Have Fun!

Myster Scary

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